Monday, July 13, 2009

La "The" Mona Rope Swing

So last weekend we got a group together to re-visit the Mona rope swing. SOOPER FUN. One thing I love about Provo are the summers, tons to do in the outdoors and the weather is about perfect. Only thing missing is a beach. Here is our latest escapade:

Cue the storytelling voice (it was late when I wrote this)...

Nestled in the quaint little town of Mona, UT lies a small pond, and at that pond met a great group of friends. And within that group of friends were some risk takers. "What's to risk at a peaceful little pond" some asked. That's when one of them pointed to something flying in the distance...was it a bird? A plane? "No, that's a Mona local doing a triple gainer off a 50 ft. rope swing".

And so it began, the annual trip to Mona rope swing. Here is some footage of last year's festivities...

Here are some pics from this last weekend:

This is when Zach flew into the tree:

I figured out how to do these cool color effects on my camera. Richard, Amy, Ricky, and JaNae waiting their turn.

Doubles. This dangerous trick was unheard of before Ricky and I.

Actually doing it is more of a mental game, as seen here by Rod's face:

And you thought Asians couldn't swing?

Air. Nike Air.

And that's all folks...stay tuned until next year.

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