Friday, August 21, 2009

Fall 09 V-ball - The Marshmallow Mateys

It's that time again...Fall V-ball. I enjoy the competition of being on a league...sure winning is nice, but the competitive drive that make the game fun is even better. This year's run at the cup will be in Orem's Division A League. This will hopefully be redemption from last year's bust season. I've put together a semi-pro team, here's the lineup:

Lauren Layton
Michelle Nixon
Maren Decker
Jenni Appel
Stacie Appel
Aaron Saxton
Mike Boehm

Our team name is Marshmallow Mateys. I must have been hungry when I thought of it (even though Oh's are my favorite cereal right now). So I whipped up this here logo at work today. I had to create a logo on a competitor's DIY logo design tool, to see how it stacks up against ours. It's nothin fancy but I'm sure it will strike fear in our competition. Here's to a good season...

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