Friday, August 21, 2009

The Kalaloch (Claylock) Special - UPDATED

I spent last weekend in Washington. Wow, Washington is a GIANT forest! I never knew so many trees could exist (yeah, grew up in AZ, went to school in Idaho, and now live in I'm kind of sheltered from the tree scene). It was an awesome time! I'm going to finish this post a little later...but I just had to post this video, always wanted to do this:

Ok, resuming this post finally:

I flew into WA Wednesday, August 12 and met up with my buddy Alex Bean and his wife Megan, who is also my cousin. We ate some Mexican food together and afterwards Alex and I played basketball with some of his friends for the rest of the night. The next morning I woke up and drove over to Snoquami Falls.

The lookout over the waterfall was pretty cool, but I was a bit frustrated that all I could do was look at it. I wanted to explore. On my way out I saw this inconspicuous trailhead…upon further investigation I found out that it DID go down to the river. The hike down was fun, I felt like a kid at Disneyland trying to see if I could find shortcuts off the trailhead, all the while amazed at how the green could literally cover every inch of earth.

Next stop was Pikes Place in downtown Seattle. Downtown was cool, and I was lucky enough to get to Pikes Place as they were putting on a show for the crowd.

There was a LOT of people there. I can’t imagine going to that market just to pick up some fresh fish or fruit, it was total chaos!

After that I just walked the streets of downtown and picked up some lunch at a little known place some locals recommended - subway. Delicious.

Then I took a drive to Kalaloch, which is about 4 hours straight east of Seattle. The drive itself was beautiful, but I couldn’t wait to finally get there. Kalaloch is right on the coast and pretty close to Forks (for all you Twilight fans, I'm not). This is where I met up with Andria and her family.

They were awesome. They threw a surprise beach-themed birthday party for me the first night. Compliments to everyone for a great b-day surprise! Rachel even made some experimental chocomallow death blow pie, which was a hit.

I even got a sweet mustache set for every day of the week:We soon realized it worked better as a uni-brow, and dang I make it look good:

This tree came straight from Harry Potter:
And this is right before I crushed poor Walker...
The beach just below the campsite was we did our fair share of standard beach activities:

Yes, the water was COLD...but well worth the dipAll in all the trip was awesome and I'm glad I got the opportunity to go (thanks Andria!). Sunday morning Andria, Gavin (her bro-in-law) and I drove back to the airport. I had about 6 hours to burn before my flight, and I hate waiting around at the airport, so I busted out the trusty GPS and looked up some nearby parks to visit. One park was just some cool hiking trails, and then I went to Des Moines Beach Park right off the Puget Sound. It was super cool...

And that's all! Oh, took this shot from the plane out of Washington...not sure what mountain it is but it was kinda cool...


  1. haha! love the background music!

  2. SO I am not going to lie - I was really hopeing that a million birds would fly up around like crazy. next time... next time :)